Specializing in Kitchen Design for over 30 years

Our mission is to improve your quality of life through exceptional design!

Specializing in Kitchen Design for over 30 years, Luis began honing his craft in Colombia where he designed kitchens and custom cabinetry for all types of housing. Having lived and operated in the American Midwest, and now in South Florida, Luis has experience designing for all styles, scales, and budgets.

Luis Carlos Torres, CKD, CAPS

From Colombia to the Midwest, and now in South Florida, Luis Carlos Torres has always given attention to every part of the design process. He has worked on a variety of projects with clients with all kinds of budgets to give each one exactly what they want and need. With a background in engineering and a talent for woodwork he is sure to find the ideal design solution for you.

Liliana Torres, Architect-in-Training

Growing up in Miami, Florida, Liliana Torres went off to the heartland of America to complete her Master of Architecture and Minor in Regional and Community Planning at Kansas State University. She recently returned to South Florida from working abroad in Mexico City, where she worked on urban developments and small single home designs.



We will design the kitchen of your dreams, to be exactly what you and your family want and need in order to make a more perfect home.



If your bathroom is needing an extra bit of love, we can help. We understand that every home needs that special intimate place where you can relax and enjoy the quiet moments.


Closet & Cabinetry 

If you can organize your life efficiently, it makes all the difference. Let us help you create the closet you have always needed and deserve.

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