108 Terrace
Need more space? By removing two walls in this kitchen remodel, we were able to open up the area for a larger counter top while also connecting the family and dining room. The floating pantry deviates in style just enough to give a contemporary look while bringing together the rest of the home. 


721 Bow

This custom island with a built-in wine rack was the perfect solution for our client who loves to entertain a guest or two while cooking. Salute!


201 Country Drive

Don't you think the chef deserves a view? We do too. We opened up this closed-off kitchen to double the space and take full advantage of this ocean-side view.


770 Brickel Key
We love to tear down walls! By opening up the kitchen to the rest of the apartment we were able to give a new life to this space. We also helped design a built in bookshelf that not only showcases the owners love for wine, but also creates a lovely art piece upon a large white wall.